KOHA Installation in UBUNTU

KOHA Installation In UBUNTU | Zoftcares Solutions

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Koha is an open source integrated library system (ILS), used world-wide by public, school and special libraries. 

Installation of Koha is quite easy and simple you can install Koha on your Local Machine or a Virtual Machine / Cloud / Compute Engine, I recommend using a minimum of 4 Gb RAM based machine / virtual setup.

This page contains the steps to install KOHA library management system in moodle server

Procedures for installing KOHA in Moodle Serve

Through virtual hosting we can install koha library software in moodle server. Koha installation in moodle Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS server with Mariyadb.Let’s make it step by step:

1. ssh to your server 

2. Add the Koha GPG Key

3. Add the Koha community repository to your sources.

Pick what version of Koha you want. You can either follow by codename (version number), or by suite Here installing oldstable;

 4.Then update the server 

5. lnstall the latest Koha Release. 

6. Enable the Apache mode and  rewrite modules. 

7. Moodle site is running In nginx in port SO _ So that we want to change port of apache and also add admin and staffurl accessing ports 8081 and 8082

8.To point koha site to a domain:

  • Create a subdomain. Eg kohatest.infrasruct.in
  • Then open:

9. Create the Library Instance.

 Replace librarynew with the name ofyour library .

10. Configure your server for a name-based installation.

11. Change virtual host ports to 8081 and 8082

12. For changing koha db password

13.To set password for kohalibrary: 

14.Then type the below command in terminal .

KOHA Installation In UBUNTU | Zoftcares Solutions

15. Complete the web setup.

To complete Koha’s web setup, you will need your admin username and password. My instance is called librarynew so my username is koha librarynew (ifyour instance is called library; your usemame will be koha library) etc.

Open a web browser and go to your staff url kohatest.infrasruct.in:8081

KOHA Installation In UBUNTU | Zoftcares Solutions

16.Then follow the below link for further installation steps:


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Shifna P C

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