“Seamless Ticketing: Unveiling ZoftCeler – An Innovative Ticketing System with Advanced Incident Resolution”

“In today’s business realm, resolving issues promptly is vital for keeping things running smoothly and
customers happy. Introducing ZoftCeler—a smart ticketing and incident management system built to
transform how companies tackle problems.

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Next.js 13 Features and Updates | Zoftcares solutions

Next.js 13: New Features and Updates

Next.js, the popular React framework, has recently released its latest stable version, Next.js 13. This version comes with several new features and updates that aim to improve the developer experience

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What is ChatGPT | Zoftcares solutions

Unlock Your Business Ideas with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI. It is a variant of the GPT architecture, which is a type of transformer-based deep learning model.

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Edge Computing | Zoftcares solutions

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed IT architecture which moves computing resources from clouds and data centers.

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Disable Public Key Authentication In SSH | Zoftcares Solutions

How to disable public key authentication in SSH

SSH server in most systems is by default configured to allow public-key authentication. The method will enable you to use your public and private key pair to log in to an SSH server without using a username. When you are using public-key authentication in your server, then you can’t ssh from another server to your […]

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Blockchain is an emerging technology which is adopted by a variety of businesses. In 2009, Bitcoin was built based on this technology. The invention of Ethereum by Vitalik Butarin, and implementing ‘smart contracts’, in 2015, gave new possibilities with Blockchain technology, other than cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a chain of blocks, which are interconnected in a […]

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Home | Zoftcares Solutions | IOS-HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Intercept | Zoftcares Solutions

Burpsuite with iOS-HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Intercept

Hey guys today i will show you how to intercept http/https traffic from iOS applications using tool called Burpsuite.  First of all ensure that your system and iOS device are on the same network. Now open Burpsuite on your system and listen on a port 9001 on all interface. (you can choose any port) Now […]

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